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July 15, 2008


Monica H

You should be proud of yourself. I'm proud of ya for sticking with it as long as you did! That's 9 months he benefited from.

I've been waiting for Andy's stats. At least he weighs less than you originally thought. He's just a big 'o' chunk of cuteness.


That is truly awesome because pumping is definitely hard, hard work!


Good for you for sticking with it!

Check with Coach Mack - maybe Andy could walk on. or give him 17 years.


Kristi- Walk on? LMAO!!! We will wait for the full ride scholarship in 17 years. Did I tell you that we got Andy a season ticket to UT games with us? Well I got it. It was one of TWO charges on my, "secret card". I charged a crown (for a tooth, not a tiara.. I paid cash for the tiara LOL!!) and the other charge was the season ticket for Andy to sit with us. And I got soooo much grief from Matthew. Two flippin charges. UGHH! You realize of course that Andy and Ethan may be lining up against each other.. right? HEHEHE


I was curious what you charged, but wasn't going to ask. I think dental health is important & would charge a crown, probably would charge a tiara too!
DH is so eager to take Ethan to a college football game. Ethan's dr. appt is Thursday, I'll keep you & the football dept posted. : )


I'm proud of you, too. That is hard, hard work, but it obviously paid off. My, what a big, healthy boy you've made. And super cute, too. You can totally blackmail Andy with those bathtub pics when he gets his first girlfriend.


Pumping for nine months...I'm impressed. (and also a big jealous, my milk was GONE just before three months..)

My Little Mister is 20.5 pounds, 29.5 inches at thirteen months..he's little.


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I have also a 9 month baby.My he is 20.5 pounds, 29.5 inches . he's little.


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Pumping for 9months is really admirable i salute you by doing that monica. You are definitely a good image of modern mother.

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You should be very proud of yourself. What a wonderful little man you have created.

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