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June 10, 2008



You are seriously freaking me out. How could you not tell the front from the back with your underwear?



He DD! I wear what are known as "granny panties". Cotton, usually white. There is a slight difference between the front and the back, but not much. And in my post-slumber haze and the semi-darkness of the room, I've put them on backwards a few times. I'm not proud of it either.

Monica H

I have put undies on backwards before, but quickly realized after I put them on something wasn't right. I've never gone to work with them that way :-)

I too, love the comma. I use it excessively.

Hmmm?-Something I've learned about "all other drank are $2.04"!

Michelle Z

TOO FUNNY! My husband wanted to name our son Columbo. I THINK he was kidding ...


i learned recently that by giving up on the hope of my son ever sleeping through the night, still getting up with him 2x doesn't feel so depressing and awful.

i also learned that *it's ok* if i don't CIO even though dh and the ped tell me i should. i let ds feel "distress" just like the books say i should in some things, but i don't think i should let him cry all night (and i can't, just can't do it. kudos to those that can, they have babies that sleep through the night so i am insanely jealous of their iron wills. but i can't do it). it doesn't make me a bad parent and he'll turn out fine. i think. ;)


I've learned that my son sleeps for his grandmother as well as he sleeps for me. I was scared that he would stay up all night for her.


Hmmm...makes me look at my underwear completely different. ;)


Well hello! I realized I haven't checked in for a while and that I'm still able to catch up. Your boy is still adorable and this post totally cracked me up!

Sadly, I've learned over the last year that no matter how beautiful, wonderful, talented, precocious your kids are their father willl never shape up and step up, that he will be content to be a mostly absentee father and think nothing of it. boo.

(sorry, words of a bitter, soon-to-be divorcee)


I just got back from the beach and I learned... I am too old to go clubbing with the young girls. HA! I thought it was SO stupid!

Monica LeMoine

Great blog and wonderful question! I've learned that I'm a survivor, that I've got a vast reserve of raunchy humor to get me through the hardballs that life throws at me, and that I love Weetabix cereal. I've also learned that I have a love-hate relationship with blogging.

pregnant quiz

Hi i have been having hair loss since 2-3 months after i had my Lovely baby boy ;) he is now 5 months and it is still coming out, it is starting to get noticeable at the front and side of my head, is this normal to go on this long and to show in these places.please help

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