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May 07, 2008



What a cutie! I love the cowboy hat.

Monica H

All that was lacking was a bare bottom on a bear skin rug! Sam didn't even recognize him.

Michelle Z

ADORABLE!!! I was hoping we'd get some new pictures soon!

Ruby has that same high chair!

The Nanny

Love the cowboy hat!!!


Wow, he's getting so big!! I love the cowboy hat (as does everyone else, I see. :)


Those cheeks! I want to gobble on them!

And I'm digging that cowboy quilt.

Jenn (froggy-mom)

I love how big he has gotten! I want to just kiss those cheeks. And I too love the cowboy hat!


Texan = cowboy hat. I love it! He's gotten so big. Weren't our babies just born yesterday?


Love the cowboy hat! And with those blue eyes, he's going to be a heartbreaker.

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