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April 08, 2008



What a perfect letter.

And a sixth generation Texan? Wow.


That letter could help him through a lot of different stages to remind him that Mom is a person, too.


This is wonderful. I really, really love this letter. I've made a list like this in my head for Zora, but I've yet to write it down.


That is beautiful! My son would have been a 7th generation Texan, but he wasn't born there. He is named after a Texas town though.

I guess technically I'm not a Texan though since I was only born there but didn't grow up there.

Oh, and I think my dad will get him the requisite name belt.


This is beautiful. I've written many letters to my Little Mister, but none like this. I think I might just have to now. :)

Monica H

Have I seen this letter before or have you shared this in one of our support groups? It sounds so familiar.

And I can't wait to see the belt. I ran across Sam's belt he had as a child yesterday. It's old and worn and has a tractor on the brass belt buckle.

Monica H

Monica, I just tagged you!

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