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April 03, 2008


Michelle Z

Good grief is he cute!

Welcome back! I hope you can get some peace from worrying. But that's so much of parenting in general, isn't it? Worrying.


What a doll!


Glad you're back, and now I'm gone. For now, anyway.

Beautiful, beautiful pics. I recognize those facial expressions. They are in Zora's repertoire. We'll be doing our 6 month portraits soon.

I get the paranoia. I'm sending out postcards with Z's picture on them, but not including a return address because, hell, my baby is damn cute. And lots and lots of postal workers will see the cards. And you know their reputation for mental instability. Kidding. Sort of.


Oh my goodness, he is such a little cutie! And, he looks like a total little ham! I bet his giggles are the cutest thing. :)
Is he already 6 months?! Time is going by way too fast!


oh he is so cute!! I've miss seeing new pictures of your cutie pie!


6 months already! What a cute fat baby!

I am glad you're back. I was just thinking about looking through your comments on my blog and emailing to say I've been thinking of you all.

The Nanny

Could he be any more delicious??? He is SO cute!


He is so adorable! Those facial expressions are priceless.

Glad you're back..


I'm glad to see you back and glad to see you commenting as well (who doesn't love comments???!)

He looks amazing!



ms. g

So, so cute. I love the standing one!

Monica H

Thanks for posting pics. He is growing up so fast. I can't believe he's 6 months already! I miss him.


Monica H.,

I miss you. Let's do coffee this weekend K? I'll email ya!

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