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December 26, 2007



I get it.


I know what you mean; I try not to say "life is perfect" for the same reasons.

A week ago things seemed so great, it was Christmastime and my husband was home and my baby was healthy and always smiling....and then I had emergency gall bladder surgery and spent four days in the hospital.

But I was home in time for Christmas, and the Little Mister was so much fun; he didn't care much about the presents, but he loved the paper! :)


I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas.

I thank you for the Cars and the puppy (that looks like Autumn) you put out at the cemetery. We went out last night at sunset to see them and everything looked so beautiful with the orange glow on them.

I wish I could have done the same for Jimmy. I miss him too.

Michelle Z

You are so thoughtful, it doesn't surprise me that you leave gifts for others' babies, too!

I'm so sorry you're missing Jimmy, but I understand it. I miss Lydia. In the mess of this holiday, being so overwhelmed, I feel like we haven't had time to even think about her. I wish I could do more to honor her memory & keep her part of our family traditions. It was just too overwhelming this year.


It seems there's always another shoe out there. Sometimes it's a steel-toed boot, and other times it's a ballet slipper. I hope you have no more boots in your future.


I understand. I miss Sara so much, but yet feel so blessed.


Nice furrow!


Many, many years ago, I said something very much like that to myself. And, yes, it did all come crashing down. In spectacular fashion.

But, as the song goes, the first cut is the deepest. After that long-ago disaster, I've discovered that nothing can ever hurt that much again. It's not much, but it's something.

slouching mom

i understand, i think. and i love that big heart of yours.

kisses to andy.

and more andy pictures, please!


It's so hard now not to be expecting the other shoe to come off.
I suppose it's only natural.
People keep telling me 2008 can't get any worse. I keep thinking, oh thanks now you've really jinxed me.




Enjoy your SUV.

I think it is sweet how you hurt for other people, I totally understand.

The Nanny

I wish peace for you, Monica. And I'm thinking of you, your DH, Jimmy and Andy.

P.S. More Andy pics pretty please?


I totally understand how you feel. I just keep wondering, will it ever get better. I think I'll be 75 years old and still ache for Logan.

What kind of SUV did you get?


I completely understand the waiting for the other shoe to drop feeling. The other day Mr. C and I were walking together and he expressed pretty much the same sentiment, that everything is going so well for us right now that it feels like the balance could so easily shift.

I'm glad you got the SUV because you will feel safer in it.

I look forward to seeing more pictures of Andy.

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