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December 30, 2007



A strange thing about me? I keep track of every single letter or card I write/send. I've been doing this for years. My husband uses words like "freak" and "ocd".


I'd have to agree with your hubby on that one!


I like to sneeze. So much so that I sometimes make myself sneeze.

Weird I know.

Monica H

I like to smell Mr. H's armpits too. He thinks they stink, I think they smell like "man".

I was going to do something like this too, but I forgot. So stay tuned :)



How do you make yourself sneeze? I'd love to be able to do that. I hate that moment when you know you are going to sneeze but it just won't happen.


Monica H.,

You would do something weird like that.. :)


I can make myself pee. Anytime, anywhere. Need some for a drug test? Come see me. I like sneezing, too. Wish I could do that on command.

What's up with not having a middle name? Two of my co-workers don't have middle names.



Damn, you gals actually have talent! I've pissed off my OB's nurse countless times because I couldn't produce a sample for the protein in the urine sample. I'm jealous.

My mother is hispanic and in hispanic culture the child gets the mother's maiden name as her middle name. That would have made my middle name Nunez (well, actually a different hispanic surname..) My father balked at that idea (he's Anglo). My mother thought two Anglo sounding names was weird. So I didn't get one.


I don't know how Coggy makes herself sneeze, but when I feel one coming on and want to give it a little help I look at a bright light and breath in through my nose and that almost always does the trick. I can't actually conjure up a sneeze out of nothing, though.

I really want to read that paper you wrote. Seriously.

I had a huge crush on the Fonz, too. I don't know if it was my first one, though, because I also had a giant crush at a very young age on Davy Jones from the Monkees. I used to kiss the tv when his face came on during the intro.


Get out Basilbean! I also had a crush on Davy Jones!!! I also love young Paul Newman.. but who doesn't.


LIke BasilBean says staring at a bright light makes me sneeze, even when I don't really think I need to.

Actually so does plucking my eyebrows which is odd.

My DH sneezes whenever he eats a mint or chocolate. Even weirder than me :o)

The Nanny

I LOVE sneezing. Sometimes when I really really need to and can't, I stick a bobby pin or something up there. I know, I sound like a total freak. But when you've got that sneeze that won't come out, it works.

Monica H

Yeah, Nanny, you do sound like a total freak :)

I LOVE sneezing too. Whenever I want to, or need to, I just look up at the sun and it happens!

Monica H

Okay, my list is done too!


I love it! I had a huge crush on the Bee Gees and David Lee Roth! I guess it was the hair. :-)

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