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September 14, 2007


slouching mom

Baby, no one expects you to write inspired posts when you're 36 weeks pregnant!


You are SOOO close!

Try silver. It is my new fave. I use both Happy Birthday and Happy Anni. I do the silver and then the silver glitter. Looks SO GOOD! :)

ms. g

Ummmm...can I be jealous your 36 weeks? Waaaah!!! I wanna be 36 weeks!!!

I personally am thinking for my own toenails a brown, but a light almost skin tone brown.

Monica H

I SO need to get my toes done too. Where are you going to get them done, I'm going to coincidently show up there and get a pedicure too. J/K but they really do need a fresh coat of enamel. I love OPI. I think you should get do a shade of summer fun. You can get a color that works well for both. Besides, if you get a fall color you'll have to wait for several months to paint your toes hot B.arbie pink (I know it's hard to resist). Have fun, I think picking the color is the best part :)



I go to Halina's. Good luck squeezing in. I had to make this appt. three weeks in advance to get a Saturday afternoon. I think I will do summer.


14 days at most! Too exciting.

Go with summer. I suppose being in Austin your temp hasn't unexpectedly dropped from 90+ to freezing in a couple of days....But still I want to savor some warmth.

The Nanny

Monica, where do you find out how people get to your blog? I'm curious to do that to my own :-)

The Nanny


I was going to suggest burnt orange. Some women on a local message board were discussing brands/ shades that were the closest match to U.T orange - no OP.I colors, but some you could buy at HE.B!


The Nanny,

I'm not sure how blogspot works but I typepad you go into the control panel and click on "stats". It tells you how many people visited you that day and how they got there( for example, did they come from another blog that is linked to yours, did they come from a google search, did they come from a blog reader...) You'd probably be better off asking someone who uses blogspot to help you. Good luck.


I should have done that since today is game day and DH and I always wear team colors on game days (even when we aren't going to the game). Instead I got a color called, "Dutch Tulip". It looked better in the bottle.


36 weeks already? Where did the time go? Though I'm sure it didn't go nearly as fast for you as it did for me.


I totally vote for flipping everyone off. On Friday, do a lot of nose scratching with the middle finger.

I should really go for a pedi. I'm too round to do it myself, and B gets it all over my toes. My other option is to stop wearing sandals. But is that really an option with pregnant feet?



Have you seen the Seinfeld episode where George is upset because the waitress is scratching herself in that manner? My students do that to me all the time. I just pretend I don't notice. But yeah, I should do it!


I hope that you enjoy the pedicure and that these last few weeks pass quickly and without any scares.

Jenny W.

I am so excited that Critter will be here soon. So many secrets...It's driving me mad. I am going to start trying to guess the name and date. It's almost like playing clue..You know was it in the library with the candlestick? So let's see, this time I'm guessing your induction date is Sept. 28 and that you are naming him Colby. Am I hot or cold? Hope you are well! ~Hugs

Rob Aker

Hope it all turns out well for you

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