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July 28, 2007



O.k., you're creeping me out with the soap mating thing...woo-hoo for the 61 days!! I am sending good thoughts your way!


The soap thing is way scary. So is the DH as vampire thing, for that matter. Does he like garlic?


That's funny the way your DH sleeps. I used to sleep like that until things got in the way. He wouldn't have that problem, though, I suppose.

I'm glad the soap finally cooperated although I'm not sure why you wanted it to so badly.


What is this travel system that you speak of?

And by the way, I love mating soaps together! I used to always have a section in the shower where the old slivers would lie until more came along. Yes, they would mate and become more and more like a "new" bar of soap. You could look at them and see the different soap layers...kinda like looking at an archiological dig site where different layers of soil can be seen. I know...I'm weird. I've never claimed to not be!


OMG! Eric, you totally get it. The reason I wanted the soaps to mate so badly is because the sliver by itself is useless. But it you can gather other slivers together and get them to mate or get the sliver to mate with a full size bar, it's not wasted. Glad to know I'm not the only weirdo.


Well, not to be a soap prude, but I find bar soap far too messy and won't use anything but liquid soap. If our liquids start mating, that will be really hard to explain.

I can imagine how you must feel about buying and receiving things for this baby. I feel oddly superstitious about buying anything yet, especially clothing, even though I've never lost a child.


Hahahah! I love the soap thing, Monica. I don't get it (I, umm, throw away those slivers), but I think it's funny as hell!

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