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July 21, 2007


Jenn (froggy-mom)

I don't have any carpeting since we moved, all hard wood and tile. Some cats will just puke wherever is most convenient, but most of them will aim for something on the floor. The laundry, a pillow, or a magazine. Some of them try to bury it afterwards, so I think that has something to do with it - they realize they can't move it if its on the floor, but they are able to ball up that sweater or flip the magazine over.


My entire apartment has wood floor except for three small throw rugs. Our cat will vomit on them every time.


Love the idea of a cat whisperer. But my cat (though she has many other flaws) always conveniently throws up in the bathtub.


My cat has a huge problem with throwing up, (she never gets to the hairball stage because she pukes so regularly). I've spent many dollars at the vet to just hear that nothing is wrong with her. She at least lets out a distinctive meow before she throws up so I can run get her and put her on the tile. But, unfortunately if we are not around it ends up wherever she may have been. I personally love it when it's on the edge of something, like the couch, and it runs down the side.


Lovely, glad to know I'm not alone. And Niobe, are you sure that you have a cat and not a fat ferret? I've never heard of a cat so.. so.. compliant.

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