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July 20, 2007



Really lovely post, Monica. I hate that there's a reason for it, but I love thinking that people still think of all our children.

slouching mom

So poignant. It's odd to imagine those babies born in the 19th century. Had they lived even very full lives, they would have long since died.


That is one of the nicest things I have read in a long time, about those 3 babies. That here, 100 years later, you are thinking of them. I hope in 100 years someone remembers my daughter.


The service was beautiful. One of her friends sang an original song and another sang Amazing Grace. I read a poem that Monica H. from my support group gave me. There are three babies buried there from our support group so I left flowers for them as well. Then I drove to the "old cemetery" and left flowers for the other babies I previously posted about. The toys I had left were still there and that made me happy. I guess since it is a historical cemetery they don't clean the grounds as often. At the newer cemeteries they will often throw away "non-approved" decorations such as toys. All and all I feel good knowing that we remembered those precious children today.


I've always liked cemeteries. Now, I find myself searching out babies' gravestones and reading the names and dates over and over again.


This was a particularly well written post. Thank you for sharing.

I'm sorry about your precious son, Jimmy... I can relate to your experience in many ways ... our daughter was born still 11/19/05 and she joins her older brothers in Heaven.

For me, the idea of no sweet reunion, when this life is over, is simply unbearable.

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