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July 26, 2007



What really bothers me about some of those shows, and even more specifically the two couples who delivered sextuplets who they claim are the "faces of infertility" is that they never detail what makes them infertile.

I have a very dear friend whose husband's sperm cannot penetrate an egg. They have to do IVF/ICSI. They did one a couple years ago and delivered a boy 9 months later. They did another 8 months ago. Yep. She's expecting her second boy next month. How "infertile" is she? Actually she's not. HE is infertile but when one or more in a couple is infertile the tag "Infertile" sticks to both.

I'm infertile. I have been pregnant 5 times. I have one son. Even I take offense to these shows b/c sometimes I can only relate to those who have it "as bad" as I do. That makes me petty, too.


Well, it looks like I'm evil, low, mean-sprited and petty, because I thought your description of Birth Day was hilarious.


When I saw the title of your post come up on my reader I immediately thought, "Ooh, yay, I'm in the mood for that!"

I'd have liked even more venom, actually.


Well, I'm sweet and nonjudgmental, and I still read! I'm not sure if you meant to, but you actually made me laugh. I feel exactly what you're talking about! Preach on sista!


To me it wasn't mean it was honest. And accurate. Then again maybe I am mean too!

Glad to find your blog, vising via DD.


I'm infertile and am, through the miracle of Science, pregnant with my first child. At 39.

Reminds me of an infertility board which I left after the 'infertile' woman with 6 children was undergoing IVF because she wanted a kid with the new hubby.

Yeah, I left before I blew a gasket.

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