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July 30, 2007



I can sympathize. I can believe it was about engaging students because my parents are retired public school teachers who used to have similar experiences all the time.


That's EXACTLY what's wrong with our school system. If a teacher wants to learn how to engage students, he or she should TEACH! And learn from mistakes -- try different strategies if the usual ones don't work. Mix it up a little.



(I'm not blaming you for this, but I hate all these inservices that are meaningless. Sorry for the rant.)


well now, it sounds like are having a BLAST!


like you* are having a blast.

note to self: proofread comments before hitting post. :/


I can say that my two day training was also the same. I thought it was going to be about getting to know the new textbooks, but we only spent half of the second day looking at the books and planning with people who are in much different schools than ours. Yeah, that works?! We also had a rep. from the textbook come in, but she "politely" asked us to stop asking questions so she could get through the things she needed to before we left.
Hope the rest of the days get better.


Sounds like most workshops I've been to. Blahh....


Oooh, inservices. Another reason I'm glad I'm not teaching anymore.

So, I may have missed this conversation already, but are you starting this school year and then taking off, or are you taking the whole semester and going back next, or are you taking the whole year? I did a long-term sub for a teacher who had a baby. She came back after 6 weeks. I can't imagine.



I'll likely be induced around 38ish weeks. I'm going to take off at week 37 and return at the second semester. So I'll have off about 14 weeks after delivery. I'd love to have as much as you are taking, but in order to do that I'd have to take a "leave of absence" which means that a position would be held for me, but not necessarily at my school. Let's just say there are some schools in my district that have more "sectarian" violence than Iraq. Besides, I'm pretty damn good at taking it easy, so I think I'll be ok for the second semester. BTW...I'm still laughing about your cake story.

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