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February 02, 2008



Ha! You can still nap? I used to be a champion napper, but since having my kid I can't ever seem to do it anymore. Bummer. I loved napping. I also wake up every morning at 7AM without an alarm clock.

I slept through 9/11 and I lived 4 blocks away from the WTC. Just to put it in perspective.


No, napping is not as frequent anymore. Maybe that's why I don't get those people that can nap and don't do it.


I don't nap, but not because I don't want to. I *do* want to. I just can't sleep during the day. Unless I'm sick. I couldn't even nap when I was pregnant!

Monica H

I don't nap either. I just can't fall asleep- I've tried. The only time I nap is when I don't feel well and when I was pregnant. All I wanted to do was sleep.

I'd rather sleep for 10 hours straight than to sleep for 8 and take a mid afternoon nap. Once I nap, the rest of the afternoon is shot for me.

And it kinda bugs me when people nap, like my family will almost always take a nap on Sundays after church. Why don't they just skip church and sleep in longer? I don't get it.

And yes, your diamond is ginormous.


I'm one of the annoying directions people :o)
I'm SO bad at finding my way around (I don't remember road names, I know lame) I assume everyone else is as bad as me so I go to town with the directions.

I LOVE napping. I would nap every day. The best thing about being pregnant with J was being able to have a nap without it seeming weird to DH. Legitimate napping. I am slightly obsessive about sleep too.


Yay Coggy for napping! Boo Monica H. for not napping. That is what Matthew says. In fact, Matthew has said many times if he could change one thing about the world he'd change that people would not need to ever sleep.


I guess I'll be the only guy to chime in here. And that's only because of the napping issue. I hate it when people can say "I'm going to take a 20 minute nap." and then the go lay down, fall right to sleep and take a 20 minute nap. Must be nice. I can't do that. I too have tried, unsuccessfully just about every time.

However, I wish that I could nap. Pretty much the only time that I can nap is when it happens by accident. I know that it's good for you to nap, but it's just not my bag baby.

I wonder if all that will change once Corban is born. At that point, I'm sure that I'll be so freaking tired that I'll have no choice but to nap.

That's all I've got to say about that.

I feel like taking a nap now, but it's late, so maybe it's time to just call it a night. Damn allergies!


I love naps. Absolutely love them.

You are too funny. I just always wonder how those women can see out of their windows.

slouching mom

Number three drives me nuts too.


I love to nap! It's best on a Saturday afternoon after all the chores are done. And I am going to use your diamond ring tactic. That should shut up the gripping skinny woman. I love it!


First, I love to nap!!! LOVE IT! I'm not a sleep-in kinda person. Turn on the AMC and fall asleep with an old movie...ahhhhh.

I, too can't stand all those stickers on the cars. Drives me nuts. So do bumper stickers, so sorry if anyone has them. Why would you want to advertise your kids names to all the perverts in the world. I just don't get it.

Monica H


Cause they're proud.

Proud and ignorant.

Hope no one gets offended by that one. If you do oh well.


Oh man, too funny. The bumper stickers drive me nuts, too. It just seems to me that they are advertising how overscheduled and probably neurotic their children are. Expeditions also drive me nuts. I feel the same way about naps! But I'd take a lot of things over sex these days (don't tell my husband.)



You are so right! I think it is really for the mothers to show how much driving around they do.."look, I take my kids to four practices a day...". Sorta like merit badges for mothers.


Hey, I'm really, really trying to be offended, but I just can't manage it. ; )

ms. g

Well, I am guilty, guilty, guilty, of #1. But my excuse is because I can never remember stree names, so long descriptions are all you are getting from me!
#2-yeah, pissed of about their bigger families too.
#3- love your new response! HA HA!
And #4, well, there are no words for my love of naps. My husband also does not get it. He doesn't even get sitting around doing nothing for 20 minutes.

The Nanny

Yeah...I'm going to need to see a picture of that ring. I LOVE diamonds and plan on marrying rich just to get a diamond that's as big as my fist.


(Well, only partly.)

But. I digress. I have a car slathered in bumper stickers, but they're the political kind. I hate the ones you're talking about. But I keep my bumper stickers on partly cause I'm proud to make a statement and partly cause it's funny to look in my rearview mirror and watch peoples' reactions.

The Nanny

OH. I forgot completely what I had meant to comment about originally--I LOVE naps. (Almost as much as diamonds...) I just wish I had more time to take them/the ability to sleep at night after I've had one :-)


Oh, you --- nap nazi! I'm with dragonfly. I'd nap if I could, but I just can't do it. Must stem back to those naps my mother would let me skip as long as I would quietly sit and watch her soap with her.


I like your list.

Oh and as far as stay at home vs. working, you wouldn't have offended me at all. I see great advantages to both situations and I totally get that not all women are cut out to continue working or cut out to stay home.

SaraS-P could have griped much more than that!

I can't stand the skinny women who complain about weight gain too... I am often tempted to say, "Oh no! 40 more pounds and you'll be as hideous as me!"

My husband does not sleep much. He will nap, just not often. He gets up at the crack of dawn on a day off...WHY???


Rant on my friend...rant on. They made me laugh though. My SIL falls into the complaining that she's fat that day category. Ugh to her. And yay for naps...I took a long one yesterday.


I wish I'd read before you edited, I'm curious what the sahm/workingmom comment was. I need some excitement in my day - maybe someone else will incite something...


I miss naps. Ethan's taking a nap, but I'm catching up on my blogs. Yes your ring is HUGE!!
I complain about how much weight I've gained & then eat a chocolate cupcake. : )



My DH and I always joke that SAHM and retired people should have a curfew of 4PM. I just HATE standing in line behind four SAHMs at the check-out after I get off of work. Why can't they shop from 8-4 and then clear out so those who are at work from 8-4 can get in and get out. Just my thoughts though. Sure, I get it that they have errands to run during the day which may put them at the store at five, but it sure does suck. We should have some sort of agreement. Work outside the home moms should only schedule their beauty shop appointments on the weekends, and SAHM must be done with grocery shopping by four.

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