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February 14, 2008


Michelle Z

Hey, I've missed you!

I was worried Ruby might need a helmet when she was younger (turns out, she's just got a lumpy head), but I really had to keep telling myself that at least it wasn't surgical or permanent... she'll have other battles, but not the helmet.

Check out the babes here:

all 4 of their quads needed shaping helmets, and they decorated them really cute.

BUT - feel free to be miserable about it, too. I wouldn't want people staring, either. And gripe about it here - that's what we're here for!

Andy's adorable!

The Nanny

God, look at those eyes! He is GORGEOUS.

I was actually going to recommend The Life of Suz to you about the helmets. She decorated them herself. But another on another blog (, I think the helmets came decorated...I'm not sure though.

Like Michelle said, gripe away, girl! We'll always listen, and your miserable-ness about this is certainly valid.


Two of my favorite bloggers dealt with this: Suz from Within the Woods and her twin boys (the helmets came decorated) and Statia from Itssonotaboutyou (she painted the helmet black and added a skull and crossbones). Suz's boys didn't need the helmets as long as was predicted and Statia's boy just got his, but she is the one who had to ask b/c the Peds kept blowing her son's head shape off.

I know that it sucks to have people staring and making up in their head why the helmet, but I also see the result of my niece's boy who they didn't fit with a helmet and his head will never be quite right: it tips to one side and his eyeglasses will need to have customized arms b/c one ear sits so much further back than the other. He will be looked at for the rest of his life for something he had no control over.

And if you want to minimize the staring, glue big googly eyes all over his helmet that will stare right back.


Agh. Our pediatrician just told us at our two month to watch out because Samuel's head is looking like it might flatten out on the back and right from back sleeping. So we've been forcing tummy time much to his discontent.

I hope Andy's head straightens itself out (not sure how else to put it) without the helmet. Our ped told us it's becoming more and more common for her to have to prescribe it. I certainly appreciate anything that will push away the threat of SIDS but this does suck.

Did Andy just start sleeping 8 hours on his own or did you encourage it somehow? He's still beautiful, btw.


I was going to recommend checking out Suz and her quads too!

If you give him a bottle, try holding him the opposite way, it may help a little. You could also try putting toys on the opposite side he normally faces so that he turns towards them in his crib. My mom did this with one of her daycare kids and it helped quite a bit.

If he does end up having to wear a helmet, at least he is young enough that he won't remember it. And if people stare, they are rude.

BTW, he is incredibly cute!


I see someone else beat me to telling you to check out Suz's quadruplets with their head issues. She had really positive things to say about the helmets.

Andy is such a cutie!

Monica (H)opeful

Monica, I know this is upsetting for you and it is something that you were concerned about and the peds blew it off. Like the others said, at least he is young and it can still be fixed. I can't pretend to know how frustrating this is for you, but we're here for you if you need/want to vent. That's what this blog is for. If I can help in any way, let me know.


Gripe away...and I agree it would be cool to decorate it. I guess... against my better judgment, of course, it would even be acceptable to put UT on it. ;)

He's getting so big!!


Major hugs!


I saw a little boy at HEB the other day with his helmet on. It was really cute. They had it decorated all "Army" and he even had on a little camo jacket! I'm sure his dad was in the service.
I agree with the others. If he has to have one, at least he won't remember. And besides, Andy really won't care if people stare! He'll just think they are looking because he's so darn cute (even if he does look like his daddy! LOL) Better to do something about it now than having worse to deal with later. Keep us posted!


Lori, you are too funny!!!


sorry for the late comment - we've been out of town for the weekend.
I agree - Andy's young & won't remember wearing the helmet, but I understand not wanting people to stare. I hope you can get an appt very & get the answers you need. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know.


I know it probably doesn't help -- but the helmets seem to be fairly common these days. I know I've seen a number of babies with them and they don't seem to attract any stares or comments.


Actually Niobe it does help to know that. The "Back to Sleep" campaing to fight SIDS is landing more kids into the Pedi's offices for plagiocephaly.


He is sooooo cute!! I can't believe he getting so big (even though I have only seen him in pics)!! I would not worry about it!! If people look it is because he is super cute! But if you would like to vent...feel free...we will all be here to listen!!

Jenny W.

I haven't been on your page in ages...This semester is CRAZY!@! But, I love it!

OMG...Andy is the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. I just want to squish him.

I want to have you guys over for Dinner. We have got to get together. Let me know what day is good for you!

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