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February 24, 2008


slouching mom

with you on three -- not so much on four, LOL!


I have never heard about splitting the poles until now... so now that's another one to add to my list. Thanks! :o)

No 5 and 6 had me laughing out loud.


I stock up on stuff too. Mostly because I so often forget to buy things like paper towels or detergent that on the few occasions I do remember, I make sure to buy LOTS!!!


How funny, Lori and I also watch QVC and HSN just for the hell of it. There's a guy on QVC that cracks us up! His name is David Venable. He seems so over-the-top with his excitement and enthusiasm. Watch for him if you haven't already seen him. You're sure to get a good laugh.

And I'm not really superstitious, but maybe just slightly (and I do mean very slightly) OCD about some things. Like open cabinets and drawers. If they're open even just a little bit, I always get anxious and feel like something bad will happen if I don't close them, so of course, I have too. Lori doesn't seem to mind things being partially open and when I see it, it freaks me out!


I hear you on the commercials. Especially, when I was pregnant. I could go from laughing at a show, to a sniveling mess in three seconds flat.


I watch for the same reasons, # 4.
I really like that Joy Mangano person. I can't stand to watch the jewelry though. Just about everything else I'm game.


I'm a horder too. There's something really and truly soothing about owning a dozen nail clippers and another dozen tweezers. I can not stand the notion of running out of anything or not being able to find it. I've done this w/ clothing too. I'll find a shirt I love and buy 3 of it just in case one is destroyed in the wash or I spill wine or spaghetti sauce on it...


When I see a dead animal on the road, I say "Bless You" under my breath for the same reason. I've blessed a few discarded t-shirts and heaps of old carpet by mistake.

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