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January 02, 2008



Happy anniversary!


Happy 5th Anniversary. You'll have to take another picture of you, but not so serious-looking.

Extend my sympathies to your friend who lost her babies. So very sad.


Happy Anniversary and New Year!

Sorry about your friend's losses.

Andy is the cutest Santa ever!


Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more to come!

BTW.....That is the cutest Santa I've ever seen!


I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's losses. How heartbreaking.

Happy Anniversary!

slouching mom

he's adorable. and so are you both. happy fifth!

so sorry to hear about your friend.

Monica H

Happy Anniversary! I like the silly pic of you both :)

And what a cute Santa. I bet he and Ethan would have looked cute together...Santa's little helpers.

ANd I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Have you told me about her before?

BTW, I didn't see your hairy mole in any of those pics- lol.


Monica H.

It's the small mole smack dab in the center of my chin. The mole is small but the hair that grows out isn't!!!!

The Nanny

Your boy is ridicuously cute. Thanks for sharing that pic--it made my morning!

Please let your friend know we're thinking about her.

And happy, happy anniversary!

ms. g

I'm very sorry for your friends loss.

I had to laugh when you were talking about you and hubby. It is the same with us. I think about how different our relationship is because of all we have experienced together. And having a living child at home is a big adjustment. But, we are stuck with each other. (in a good way)

Michelle Z

I so enjoy reading your blog, because I'm usually nodding along in agreement - how 5 years feels like 20, how adding in someone new changes all the dynamics. That, and the pictures of Andy are just way too cute!!

So sorry to hear about your friend's losses. Life just is not fair.


who woulda thought a girl who liked armpits would be that cute?

HA! just kidding...i secretly like funky smells too...

Megan Gillis

Delurking to say happy anniversary.
I've known my Matthew since I met him at 7-11 in eighth grade. We'll celebrate our fifth anniversary this summer - within days of having our first living child we fervently hope.
I know what you mean about being unable to imagine being with anyone else. It's like Woody Allen trying to make jokes with his new girlfriends in "Annie Hall."


Hey Megan,

do you know the Ramones song 7-11? It's about a guy who meets his girlfriend while playing Space Invaders at the 7-11. However the song has a sad ending....


I had totally forgotten the Ramones had a "Teen Angel" song. You are a girl after my own heart, Monica.

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