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January 26, 2008


slouching mom

he's beautiful...and i remember hitting the 8-ounce mark too. i was inordinately proud of myself!


Good for you!!! Fantastic!!

Even though I pumped eight times a day, I never got more than two ounces at a time and my milk dried up completely a few days before three months. I just never made enough. But my boy is happy and healthy, and *that* is enough. :)


You are right Dragonfly, that is the most important thing! Regardless of whether he eats milk or formula, I hold him in my arms and that is the most wonderful thing in the world.


He looks good on it too, he has the most adorable chubby cheeks.


I totally agree with you. The lack of sleep, blow-outs at inconvienent time - all worth it to have a baby in my arms to smooch on.

Love those cheeks!

Monica H

He gets more beautiful everytime I see him.

I think that Jimmy is sending you the energy you need to keep pumping. He would be proud of his mama! Great job on the milk YOU made!!!

The Nanny

LOVE those chubby cheeks and big lips. And congrats to you, Mama, on the pumping! Jimmy's looking out for his little brother, for sure.


Wow! That's great! I'm very impressed.

I once got 5 ounces (on one side) and was in total shock and amazement... it hasn't happened again (by a long shot), but I'm not exclusively pumping.

Congrats on 8.25!


Sarah, I've gotten close to five ounces from Pancho, but Lefty always under-produces, bringing the total amount down. Who knew I'd have a slacker boob.


I think I have a slacker boob too! And it's Lefty as well!!


Gorgeous boy.

I'm just starting the pumping adventure. It makes my boobs look so weird!

8.25 is great. You're doing an awesome job.

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