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December 11, 2007



Seven hours! I remember when the Little Mister started sleeping for long stretches. It's such a blessing!!

I don't want an SUV for the sole reason that we just cannot afford the gas. I'm happy with my little car. (Plus, in Germany, it's IMPOSSIBLE to park anything bigger than a small car. The parking spaces are tiny!)


Ah yes. 7 hours of sleep. That's the stuff right there. We switched to a minivan a couple of years ago...something I said I'd *never* do. Oops. lol


I feel much safer even in my little SUV. (The woman who hit me would have hit me regardless of what I was driving.)

Yes the long stretches of sleep are wonderful. Does Andy fight going to sleep at night?

Michelle Z

Sleep is definitely a wonderful thing!

We have an SUV & a van. It's hard on gas, but we do have more room (and I don't feel so dwarfed by all the other big vehicles on the road).


That's fabulous that Andy is sleeping so long. Good work you. Not there yet myself (WTH is going on w/me?) but I think some sadness, PPD might be inevitable in our situations.

If you ARE going to get an SUV maybe get one of the new Hybrid types? I hate SUVs as well but can relate to the scariness of other drivers - I've been on Texas roads.


I am glad you are feeling better and Andy is sleeping away.

Good luck with the car shopping.


We bought a bigger SUV 3 years ago when we thought we would need it (hahahaha) and it's just too much. Look at one of those mixes between car and SUV like a Mazda CX7 or a Honda Pilot (?), or a Highlander from Toyota (or whatever "american" versions if you swing that way).

Even though I drive a SUV (Sequoia), I sneer at the Suburban, Hummer, and Excursion drivers as that is excessive (IMHO).


OH! And for picture ideas: how about one with just a red Santa hat on and looking at an ornament? Plain background.


Ooh! 7 whole hours, good for you. That must have been exciting, what did you do during those hours- sleep? Also, how many times did you get up to make sure he was still breathing (I know you- it'll be our little secret)?

I'm glad you're feeling better.

As for the pics- hmmmm?
You should dress him up as an elf. Or with reindeer antlers, or bathtime pics are alway cute. Whatever- we'd love to see him regardless of the setting.


He's still sleeping? So what, pray tell, are you doing up at 6 am?!!! Get back to bed!

I'm glad you're feeling better. This stuff is hard. And don't feel bad about the SUV. This morning, our recyling box was full so I threw away some recyclable plastic pots and a small cardboard package. I'll go to eco-hell faster than you. (still not using the cloth diapers, either.)


Yeah for Andy sleeping! Hope he keeps it up!
Eric has been hinting at getting a minivan....which I REFUSE to do. He's outta his mind!

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