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December 06, 2007


Michelle Z

Hooray for regularity, though!

Cute pictures! I think ALL our photo sessions have gone that way. The work it takes to get good pictures is amazing.


What an absoulute doll!!!


so, is he sitting on a polar bear in the first and last pictures?

very, very cute!

There was a lot of paci popping and pulling at our photo session last week to halt the tears.


I'm jealous that Andy's set a schedule. Ethan is all over the place. I should call you to discuss...

He is so freakin' adorable. I want to get a picture of our 2 future linebackers together.


I must say I LOVE his red vest, so very preppy. My favorite picture is the one of his resting his head on his hand and drooling. So very adorable.

Sorry about the poop. Did you get you sling cleaned up?


Poor little guy. (and poor mom!) But you got some good pictures anyway. Yay!


So adorable!


He is so cute!!! I love the naked pictures. Wait, should I be saying that??? Don't want to get arrested.


I am so glad the blow out days are over. Thank goddness for solid food!
What adorable pictures. I really like to bare butt picture. I think those are so cute.


My son was regular like that. And boy do I remember the blow out days. My daughter has always been slight and not much of an eater so she had far less of them.
He is just a doll. He seems like he has some serious wisdom about him


The pictures came out awfully well. Without the back story, no-one could possibly guess it was a complete disaster.


That cracked me up!!! Sami's 1st photoshoot he WOULD NOT stop crying in any position unless I stuck the bottle in his mouth and then did a quick pull-out-bottle-wipe-up-dribble move. So his pictures have his lips with an obvious "hey!! - bottle's gone!" round look. And oh, the blowouts... enjoy! ;)
We miss your jokes and school stories.


Despite the blowout, he is a cutie.

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