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December 05, 2007



Wow, when the Little Mister was two months he was ten pounds seven ounces. And we were thrilled!! But we had the scary losing weight trauma in the beginning, so that was actually very good.

I had to give up pumping at three months. Not because I wanted to, but because my milk was just gone! It made me sad, but my little guy is growing big and strong, so I can't complain.

You're doing a great job. Pumping is hard!! You can keep it up...


Andy is adorable and definitely a little chunk. I'm sorry pumping and bf'ing has been so hard. But obviously you're doing great since he's growing so well.


Your tall boy and my tall girl should get together and scare all the little short babies.

Congratulations on building such a big, strong guy. Zo doesn't like tummy time, either, but we've discovered if we put her pacifier (her crack cocaine) just out of reach, she'll fussily writhe toward it. Then she collapses into a nap and I get to blog (while looking up every 5 seconds to make sure she's still breathing, of course).

Don't you just love husbands who keep annoying promises? B was the same way about not letting me have an epidural.

slouching mom

He's on the Jack track!

And he is such a doll.

Good to hear from you. Ah, memories of pumped breast milk.

The Nanny

He is gorgeous, and looks so long! Furrow beat me to commenting about this, but I was going to say Andy and Zo would make a good pair! :-)


oh I can't wait for Ethan's 2 month appt. We think he's pushing 12lb already!

Andy is so handsome. Can't wait to see y'all again. I'm sorry the pumping is such a hassle. : (


Thanks fot the Turkey pic :) In that last picture he looks like he's saying "Hurry up Mom, enough with the pictures". That's the look I get from Autumn when I follow her around with the camera.

Good luck wth the pumping. You're doing a great job and he's growing well because of it. Hang in there!


Congrats on your growing boy! and for continuing to pump. Pumping isn't a ton of fun in any event, and hard to keep with when they aren't nursing. A couple of things to help with milk supply if you are interested... oatmeal and health stores carry a tea called Mother's Milk which promotes milk supply.

He is just adorable!


OH Monica he is adorable! As for the pumping. I pumped for 7 months with Ryan, I totally understand about being attached to the pump. You are doing a great job! We need to get together soon. Would love to meet Andy in person :)


Now, I exclusively pumped for almost nine months, so obviously I am pro-breastfeeding. You have a great supply it sounds like! But when you're at the point that you can't stand it, then no one else has the right to make you feel like you should go on. I believe that is absolutely unfair. I stopped when I started to hate it. Sure, more breastmilk is better than less, but the health benefits of stopping a few months apart are not, in my opinion, worth the misery of pumping when you don't want to. There are other ways you can support your child's health. Just my opinion, of course. I just know how totally miserable I would have been pumping past the time it was my own personal preference.

ms. g

What a cutie!! I love the 3rd pic in, with that little grin he has got going on! Hmmmm...chocolate breastmilk, there is a thought for you...:)


Another thing: if your husband is so hellbent on someone pumping milk for your baby, then he can pump his own milk. Yes, men can lactate. See how he likes it!

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