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November 08, 2007



I only hope that there's someone working with her closely and she can get herself straightened out.

Often people just drift from crime to crime because that's the only way they know of making a living and their convictions make them essentially unemployable. Presumably, this is just a juvenile conviction. But still.


My husband is a teacher, he works with 16-18 year old kids some of whom have flunked out of most things at school and this is their last chance at a qualification. I think he gets frustrated with class sizes all the time. Sometimes he is able to make a connection with a student and it makes all the difference to their work effort and more importantly self esteem . I think it's very sad that governments don't care more about this. They appear to think as long as the kids in school that's all that matters.


She has that "I didn't do anything" look on her face. I wonder if they go to some kind of innocence seminar while still in the womb, because Autumn has that look nailed down too.


Ah, you know how I love stories about cat puke.

That's a sad story, about Sally. I too wish you could have more individual time with students. My dad, who I've mentioned before worked with the most severe behavior problems in his area of the state, always had fewer than 8 students in his classroom. But of course by then they'd gone far far beyond the pale.

slouching mom

Oh, Monica. It must be tough. I really like your big heart.

This complaint -- that there are simply too many kids for one person to make a difference -- is tragically common. And valid. And sad.

Michelle Z

So how is Andy sleeping? I noticed you were up & commenting on blogs at 4 AM!

I used to teach, too. It did always seem too overwhelming, like there wasn't enough time to make a difference.

Your poor sassy cat! I hope she's feeling better soon (and WHY do they always hit the carpet?!)


Ack! TypePad seems to have eaten my first comment.

My cat always hits the carpet. Always.

I get down when I run into former clients who were doing well last I saw them, and now they have gone far downhill. True, their parents hold the ultimate responsibility to look out for them, but I do sometimes wish I could step in and guide them in the right direction with lasting effects.


So sorry to hear that about your former student. Hopefully she can find her way back.

My cat did not handle my son coming home very well either. Then again...she wasn't too crazy about my husband moving in either. lol


I never made enough milk. I kept pumping and pumping..I never got more than two ounces at once, and by the end (about 2.5 months) I pumped eight times a day and got two ounces TOTAL. All this to say: good for you! I'm glad it's getting better. :)


Even with 140 students, you can still make a difference. You may not know you are making a difference, but you are.

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