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November 19, 2007



What a beautiful baby!!

Philosophical questions make my head spin. I like to think about them...but I rarely make any sense of them. :)

I'm me. But I think some things have changed me. Being a mom has changed me. But I'm still me.

I know that doesn't answer the question...


I was pretty much the same person until, I don't know, X years ago. Since then, I've been no-one at all.


This does NOT look like the same child I saw the other day. I love the photos! Does he have a freckle on the inside of his left nostril? That's too cute.

As for the ship and you and me- I think that parts have changed or been replaced and that the final product is not the same, but the original character of what made the ship, you and me unique still remains.

Birdies Mama, Erin


He is absolutely gorgeous.
That baby soft skin is so yummy! What an absolutely cutey pie! You have been blessed....


oh Monica, he is beautiful. can't wait to see he again in person!

I don't feel like the same person I was just over 14 months ago. A few weeks ago, DH & I watched our wedding video for the 1st time, we've been married 3 years. I cried because I don't feel like the girl in that video. That girl appears once in a while, I recognize her like an old friend.

slouching mom

he's so beautiful!

The Nanny

He is so lovely and cute! I love those lips--esp. the pic of him pouting!


What a beautiful boy! I love the pictures!


Wow! Forget going to get professional pictures taken. These are beautiful pictures.

I don't think I'm the same person now as I was even a year ago. Well, I'm the same, with some modifications.


I think these events do change us forever... but how they change us varies by the person... maybe the changes aren't as obvious in some people.

Graham makes some of those same faces... too cute!


I've been thinking about your post since yesterday and have changed my mind several times as to what I think.
But I think I believe that we are never the same person. We are always changing with time, usually this occurs gradually. Even before Jacob died I was not the same person I was the year before. The changes are normally imperceptible so only get noticed after 5 or 10 years. Like the planks on the delorian. Only a few get changed but with time you end up being entirely replaced.
The problem with losing a baby and also having a live baby is that the change is massive and sudden. It's like all the planks got changed, at once. It's no wonder we don't know who we are at the moment.
I do believe though that the core of me is the same. I still have the same morals, at my core I still know I'm a good person. Eventually I will assimilate my new planks and be a new but same me. I am still the same ship.
Here's hoping.
I don't know if it's any consolation but friends of mine who have just had a baby (who have had no prior losses) are also struggling to figure out who they are now.

Andy is looking Bonny!


Andy is such a beautiful baby. I hope you enjoy today...


Oh My Gawd! What an amazingly beautiful and overwhelmingly cute boy! These pictures are so freakin' adorable I almost can't stand it.

Lucy's Mom Christine

Monica- thanks for commenting on my blog. I had read through yours a while back when i first found the baby loss blog. glad to see that you newest addition is doing well.


I love that pouty picture. He's just beautiful!

Michelle Z

He is BEAUTIFUL!! I bet he has a yummy baby smell, too!

I think parenting changes you - but I think loss changes you more. Just my thoughts. I wish I could go back to who I was, but that's just not meant to be.

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