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November 02, 2007



I guess we are all crazy, and that's normal.


I'm right there with you in the worry department. In fact, my father has become known as Doctor Pratt. No, he's not a doctor, but he spent his entire career working in hospitals, so he's my go to person for every pain or odd place that I get. I think he screens my calls sometimes to avoid my questions.
Glad to hear things are going well with Andy and with the breast feeding. Hopefully he'll start sleeping through the night, or at least most of the night, by the time you go back to work.


I can't tell from your post if your worrying is basically a habit that doesn't really affect you all that much or if it's reached a level where it's disrupting your life or making it hard or impossible to do things you want to do. If it is creating problems for you, the referral you mentioned sounds like a good first step


I feel as if I'm in good company, no matter how self-absorbed I am...



I know I am crazy. I don't deny it. You hit the nail on the head- blogging definitely draws out the crazies. If I didn't write out my feelings, I would go insane. But, there is that part of me that wants the attention also, which is why I don't just write in a journal at home. Or, maybe I am looking for validation from other crazies.


Dear Andy,
I am very restless right now, since a potential playmate has decided to stay inside me for an indefinite period. Could you please ask your wonderful Mommy to post some recent pictures of you? I love looking at your sweet little face. :)
Much love,
Virtual Auntie Andria


You're definitely not crazy, bad crazy, just crazy normal crazy after having been through a hell of a lot.
I worry about stupid things all the time now, it's like if you can have a baby that dies then really anything is possible. As long as deep down you know the thoughts are a bit crazy I think it's OK.
I'm glad Andy is doing well.


Niobe has given sage advice there.

Could be a grief thing - I find I am so much more afraid of bad things happening to the people I love than I ever was in the past. If Josh is a bit late returning from somewhere I am convinced he's been in an accident. I made him get an updated driver's license (address was wrong) not because it's the law, but because I was afraid the police wouldn't know where to find me if he was hospitalized. And whenever the phone rings at a strange time, my breath catches a bit.

Glad Andy is doing well. Pictures would be lovely.

Michelle Z

I never feel crazier than when I have a new baby around, to take care of & keep safe & happy. that's just so much responsibility - it can be overwhelming (in the best way!)


I don't worry about me dying - just everyone else.


I have to vote that you are not crazy...because I have the same things. For me it's Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Meds and therapy have done wonders for me!


Ha! You're funny. I Am self-absored and hyper-emotional. In fact, did you like the way I turned your post about anxiety into a comment about me? I'm just clever like that.

Okay. Back to you. It could be worry because you've had a bad thing happen. It could be partially because of the new baby, which tends to bring out worry, I think. Right around the time Baby Wigg was born we had an awful murder here where people broke into a family's house and killed them all (mom, dad and two little girls) and I FREAKED. (Okay. Sorry. Just gave you something else to worry about.)

Last, you might benefit from medication. My therapist is suggesting SSRIs for me to deal with anxiety, but they are also the drugs that make you gain weight and stop liking sex. So it's kind of a trade off.


I don't worry about anything anymore. There is nothing to say that we will be here for the next 80 years or if we die the next time we walk out our front door.
Control is no longer something I believe in and worry is no longer a luxury I can afford.
...but are you crazy? hmm...

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