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November 04, 2007


The Nanny

That tootsie roll pic had me laughing out LOUD. What a cutie he is!!! I love the blonde hair and full lips. Thanks for sharing the pics!

P.S. He looks LONG in that pic with the tye dye onsie. How tall is he?

Jenny W.

omg...He is so darn cute. I love the tootsie roll costume! I can't believe how much he has changed. I can't wait to hold him again!!! Hope you are well.


Oh, he is so adorable!

As for the signature line issue, good luck with that. I still have my photo album of u/s pics of Pygmy Puff, and some may find that unusual, but I refuse to stash them away somewhere like something to be ashamed of. I created a life, no matter how tentative and incomplete, and I am proud of that.


Hooray! Pictures! He is absolutely adorable! And, so long!!!

As for the siggy issue- I feel sorry for her. Sorry that her mind can't embrace how much these children are loved. How they may not be with us physically everyday, but in mind, there are reminders around every corner.



The tie-dye outfit is just a long onsie. My dad's cousin (don't know what that makes her to me...) hand made it.


I love the Tootsie Roll picture - too cute. He is beautiful. We'll have to get together soon to fawn over our boys.


mmmmm...I love tootsie rolls. And ANdy looks so cute in it! He does look very long in that tie dye outfit. I can'thardly wait to hold him again. I'm on my way over. Did you get the pictures I sent you of him?

Michelle Z

Oh he is just beautiful! And I love the variety of pictures, he has a different look in each!

Sweetest Tootsie Roll ever :)

ms. g

He is SO adorable! I love the tootsie and the tie dye!

As for that woman, I will help you beat her. Not in a hateful beating manner, but in a It's for your own good beating. That's so much better, yes? I can't believe people (especially other mothers) don't understand even a tiny, teeny little bit.


He really is seriously handsome! And I love the tie-dye. Thanks for sharing.


Oh...he is just too cute. Triple love the tootsie roll one.

Hey...I'll always volunteer for a beat-down. Er...I mean...yeah...let's gently talk to her. :)


He is so handsome! And adorable and wonderful!


yum, tootsie rolls. now, be honest. you stole all of his halloween candy, right?

positively adorable.

Jenn (froggy-mommy)

I can not get enough of him! I keep coming back to look, he is just so a cutie!

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