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October 05, 2007


slouching mom

ACK! Andy! Welcome to the world!

I couldn't be happier for you, Monica. I've been thinking about you over the last couple of days -- even checked in with niobe to see whether she knew anything.

Wonderful news.

And about the nursing -- might I recommend Lansinoh cream? That stuff is AWESOME. Takes away a lot of nipple pain.

Andy's beautiful.

slouching mom

PS Ben took twenty days to nurse. He lost lots of weight in the meantime as we supplemented rather unsuccessfully. He figured it out just as I was about to give up.

Typical of his personality, LOL. And his food issues to this date.



I'm thrilled that everything went relatively smoothly. (well, of course, except for the breastfeeding. *All* the lactation consultants were away for 3 days? Couldn't they have left *one* behind?)

And it goes without saying that Andy is absolutely gorgeous.


He's perfect!


Wow! I can really see his blond hair in these pictures. It was hard to see his hair with his hat on at the hospital. He is too cute.
Keep up with the breast feeding, hopefully you will be able to go longer than I did. The painful part eventually goes away, and then you have "super nipples!" : )

The Nanny

He is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations!!!!!!!

Jenn (froggy-mom)

Congratulations!! He is so beautiful! I am so happy for you guys!


He definitely has a little bit of the pumpkin hue to him, but goodness! He's gorgeous!

Congratulations, Monica and to your husband. I'm so happy for you!


Welcome to the outside world, Andy! We've been so eager to meet you!

Monica, he's beautiful. I'm so happy for you. And we CAN see his pretty blue glow.

Good job on the breastfeeding. I can't believe all of the lactation consultants left at once. Congratulations on sticking with it despite the pain, though.

Ooooohhh! So happy!


Congratulations! He's gorgeous.

Hope the jaundice/feeding issues clear up soon.

I'm so happy for all three of you!


Hello Andy!

Good luck with bringing up that gorgeous baby!


I am so excited as I type this, I keep making errors! Welcome Andrew!! I am so happy and thrilled for you, Monica. Hope the breastfeeding starts to go smooth soon. He is adorable!!!


We are so happy for you!!

Sorry to hear about the jaundice & feeding issues.

Andy is perfect & beautiful!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm sure the jaundice will clear up quickly.

I hope your milk comes in and the nursing becomes easier!


He is absolutely adorable. Look at those lips! And amazing you can see how blond his hair is. I am glad everything went mostly smooth. Enjoy your babymoon! Keep trusting your instincts and demanding what you want/need for the both of you. Welcome to the world Andy.



I am so happy to hear that Andy is here and see his beautiful face.

Here's to a fast recovery for both him and your nipples:)


Welcome, Andy!


Thanks for all the warm wishes. I'm going to keep fighting with the breastfeeding until either we get it or my nipples fall off.


Just got back from the pediatrician and his bili levels went DOWN! But we still have to keep him on the lights over the weekend and go back tomorrow for another blood draw. I also met again with the lactation consultant and I am renting a different pump now, one that has a different let down mode. I pumped in front of her for 15 minutes and we were aiming for 1.5 oz. I got .4 oz, so not even half of what I should get. She said I've got to pump with it every two hours AND let Andy breastfeed, even if he isn't getting anything. My pediatrician also said I need to supplement at least 2 oz. every feeding in addition to the breast milk for every feeding. But I'm so his bili went down. My nipples are healing too, but the right one is still pretty raw with two scabs. Yuck!!


Congratulations! He's gorgeous!



And buy some of that nipple cream and put it on religiously after every favorite was the Lansolin brand.
It really was a breastsaver. haha



And buy some of that nipple cream and put it on religiously after every favorite was the Lansolin brand.
It really was a breastsaver. haha

Birdies Mama




lots and lots of love!

p.s. here are some A+ breastfeeding links...i checked them out very often before Birdie came....and then I could not use the advice...but you can!

Monica, don't give up on nursing... you CAN do it!

Cristina Salmon

Congratulations!!! It is so nice to be on the other side. You can now breathe.
Please get some LC help going. Call your local LLL leader, they are available 24/7. Monica also gave you some great links. Hold Strong can do this!

Cristina Salmon

I just read your update....2oz is way to much!!! His tummy is only big as his fist!
BTW, I am a LLL leader & Lactation Educator...I know my stuff. He is having you supplement because the bilirubin will bind with the protien in the formula & push it out faster. So if you want, keep supplementing but do not use a bottle & use less than 2oz. I would reccomend spoon feeding or even putting it in a shot type glas & have him sip. Use abot 1/2 oz to 1 oz.
If you give 2oz, we are not protecting your supply. You must protect your supply. How is your latch?? Oh so many hard on the internets. If you want to email me....please do so.
Good Luck!

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