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October 08, 2007



If my time stamp shows 3:45 am, yes, I'm really up at this hour. Can't sleep.

I'm glad to hear the jaundice is improving, hoping the breast-feeding gets easier. We watched the damn video - we're not supposed to have any trouble - right??

I kinda know what you mean about Jimmy. I went into the nursery earlier - it's decorated the same as it was for Sara, only the clothes are different. It looks like a happy place again. But that made me sad. We're supposed to have our little girl at home with us.


SNS -- is that nipple shields? I'll have to look that up. Congratulations on persevering with the breastfeeding. I think most people have at least some degree of difficulty at first, and many give up. I'm not judging, just observing.

I'm glad you're getting some sleep and that Andy's jaudice is clearing. I visited a little newborn boy recently who was on a bili bed at home. He seemed comfortable with it, too.

I can understand the processing you're doing about Jimmy right now. I'm sure the comparisons can't possibly be avoided.

slouching mom

Can't wait for the pictures.

Jack had jaundice, too.

And nursing Ben was a nightmare. I nearly gave up. But once it clicked, it really clicked. It'll do the same for you, I hope.


I'm glad Andy's jaundice is going away and he is gaining his weight back. I can't wait to hold him again. Is Wednesday still okay to come by?- I'll wait til I hear from you first.

As for producing more milk, congrats to your nipples :)(Did I really just type that?)


I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Sounds like Andy is putting on the weight. Nursing can be tricky...but hopefully it will all fall into place.


How exciting! I've been thinking about you all week long.


I am glad to hear your sweet Andy is growing and getting better!


I am so glad that Andy's jaundice is improving. It is also good to hear that he is gaining weight. Awesome job with sticking with the breastfeeding...I know that it can be frustrating!!! I am so happy for you. It is understandable how you are feeling about Jimmy, just remember he will always be with you. Can't wait to see Andy. Let me know if you need anything!


Thank you for the update Monica! I so admire you for perservering with breastfeeding. Glad to hear Andy is regaining.

Just being pregnant with baby girl is making me miss M so much. I can't imagine what it will be like to see her do all the things I shouldv'e also seen M do. I'm not sure about the gender thing either. I will say, when I found out baby girl was baby girl, I felt relieved because I thought it would help other people not compare, and think I could replace M.


OHHH Monica! He is adorable! Paul says so too! We are so happy for you guys! Take care and can't wait to see more pictures of him :)


I'm sorry that this is difficult for you in so many different ways. Of course, it's a happy time too, and I'm looking forward to more pictures, but you know what I mean.


Hey girl!
I remember the first days at home with baby were a shock!! People tell you that you won't get sleep and you think... I can handle that... but it is so much more than that! The lactation consultants helped A LOT. I had to keep asking them for help getting the latch. I was dependent on Boppy... - my sister went back a few times to visit the LCs before it "clicked" - I like that description :). I think she used the SNS and had success with it. I had to supplement Sami in the beginning but he transitioned right back to only being breastfed pretty quickly. I remember nursing for hours and hours :). And then it gradually became easier and easier. My sister visited every day for a while and that meant a lot to me - I had never appreciated her presence more. I'm glad your mom is coming every day! Did you ever use that MerryMaid gift certificate? :) By all means, don't try to clean everything up yourself. I tried to do that and ended up with too little sleep and that made my milk supply go way down! How long is this? WHOA... I'll stop, you're busy :)
Take care & give me a call if you want a work update ;) or if you'd like me to bring dinner!


Congratulations! I've been doing some catching up today in blogland and am delighted to hear that mom and baby are doing well.
Thanks for sharing about how it feels to officially have baby home with regards to your loss. I've been wondering about that myself a lot lately. We recently found out that our next one is another little girl so I imagine there will be some unavoidable comparisons that will be pretty rough at times.
Anyway, thanks for sharing and can't wait for the updates!


I just wanted to say I'm so pleased for you and your little boy Andy.
I'm one of those secret lurking bloggers who read blogs but don't really comment. I lost my son nearly 5 weeks ago at full term with an unexplained stillbirth and I get great comfort from reading your blog. It gives me hope to think that good things do happen.
I wish you and your family much joy and happiness and I hope you keep blogging I enjoy your writing.

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