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September 09, 2007


The Nanny

Amen, sister, about the LL Bean catalogue thing. And sorry about the jacket--hopefully you can find another somewhere else! :-)

Monica H

Sam has two favorite catalogs, Cabela's and LLBean Christmas. He shares that same fascination with you. He will look at it for hours over a span of a few weeks then start making his "list". He will rack up a list worth thousands of dollars and would buy everything on it if only I let him. Yeah, I know poor Sam! I don't think it's too late to order your coat. It's only September and it's still in the 90's. Are you in a hurry? My MIL orders from Bean all the time and usually when they say they are out or on backorder, they end up shipping things out within a couple of weeks. There's still hope for you and your red wool coat after all :)


OHH... I love Cabela's too! But not the hunting stuff. I don't hunt. But I love to fish and I love all the camping things.


I know what you mean about winter envy. We can get some really bitter cold snaps down here, but the next week it might be back up in the 70s. Makes it hard to store anything away.

slouching mom

Monica, you come visit me for a rural PA fix. Anytime. It'll drill that longing right out of you.


hehe, Slouching Mom! That's what everyone up north tells me whenever I complain that I never get to wear winter clothes.


As a lifelong Oregonian I thank you for recognizing that not all of us are hippies :) But I do admit I went through a hippish phase in high school :)


I'm glad you wrote this post--I love to read your writing, no matter what it is about:)

I have a red pea coat like the one you described and I love it. You shouldn't give up on it, I'm sure you can still get one.

The date sure is getting close! I can't wait for you to have Critter in your arms and to hear all about it. I'm looking forward to finding out his name, too.


llbean is so commonplace in these parts, it has lost its fascination for me. But I can understand how you could find yourself drooling over pea coats and turtlenecks, when you know the opportunity to wear them is unlikely to present itself. I always enjoy the change season if for no other reason than I get to break out a new wardrobe.

Oh, those crazy Oregonians! (I say this with the smile of a crazy Washingtonian!)


As someone who has seasons – Canadian seasons, no less – I'd give it all up for a bowl of menudo. LL Bean will FedEx, why not Mi Tierra?


Get over yourself Megan!! That is too funny. I have all the menudo I want. There has got to be a taqueria somewhere in Canada.. They are everywhere here in Texas.


Too funny...pulling out lawn chairs and playing guitars. I grew up in Maine...and didn't realize how big the LL Bean catalog was until I moved to Kentucky. lol Go figure.


I'm sure there's a great taqueria in Kensington Market in Toronto, a few hours away, but I loved eating in Texas. There's a particularly great roadside BBQ place near Blanco, Threadgills, Hut's Hamburgers....
Don't forget to feed Critter.

Monica H

My LL Bean Christmas catalog came in today! Sam is in the bathroom right now making a mental list :) I may not get to see it for a few hours.


Oh I just love Hut's Hamburgers, and the side dishes at the Austin Threadgill's are incredible. That's why Critter is so big.. too much food.

I better check my mail my catalog may have arrived too.

Monica H

I have something to tell you about LL Bean, but it's slightly inappropriate, so I don't want to post it on your blog, but it's funny and it made me think of you. I'll tell you later :)

Jenny W. crack me up!

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