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August 10, 2007


slouching mom

First, thanks for visiting Jenn's. That meant a lot to me.

Second, heh. He sounds like Jack. Jack, who was eight pounds at over two weeks early (he would have been nine pounds, at least, if on time). Jack, who was scheduled to arrive via planned C-section on Dec. 19th (I repeat: over two weeks before his due date), but thought he'd mess with us all by wanting out on the 18th. (I had had Ben by C-section b/c he was sunny-side up and I couldn't, after three hours, push him out b/c his big head was stuck on my pelvic bone -- same w/Jack).

And Jack ended up having to be delivered by C-section too -- only an unplanned one.

Was this TMI? ;)

I'm eager to hear about your L&D story.

And the outfits -- Jimmy's and Critter's -- are BOTH beautiful.

I'm excited for you!


The account rule is so strange.

I get teary over the strangest things these days. Hopeful ones this time though. I love those little outfits. And I love that Jimmy's going to have a shelf in the nursery.


The shadow box is a lovely idea for the nursery. I also love the outfits. I feel a little nastolgic seeing them.

Jenn (froggy-mom)

It's so weird about having an account for the obituary section of the newspaper, but it sort of makes sense. This way people can't phone in death notices for I.P. Freely or Ben Dover. Going to a funeral home and having them place it for you (possibly for a nominal fee) might be your best shot.



I think you are correct. Most of the obits. are placed through the funeral homes. They also told me that if I was not the parent of the deceased (which I am), they would have to seek permission from the parent first.


Totally still my accomplishments. That is what teachers do right? We borrow ideas. HA!

Most of my summers I never get anything done on my list. Last summer was one of those.

Another thing, NEVER do summer school. HA!

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