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August 16, 2007


slouching mom

Oh, without question the school supplies! And the smell of new textbooks, the covers of which haven't yet been cracked open.

I am pleased that you find yourself taking on a "maternal" role -- you can and will help so many people.

Critter's coming soon!


Oh slouching mom, I thought I was the only one who got a "contact high" off of new textbooks. That smell is intoxicating.


You know I know I loved lice check as well! And I loved when we would watch movies in school because Kelly W always wanted to braid my hair during them.

But my favorite time was definitely "silent reading." I especially loved standardized testing days because I would finish early so I could have longer time to read silently.


And I'm very glad you're feeling more secure.

I can't believe how soon Critter's going to be coming home - or that you're going to be starting the school year at all. It won't be a long one for you, apparently.


B, this is too much fun! I loved movies too for that very reason, BEAUTY SHOP! I could never braid hair 'cause I didn't have a sister, but I loved getting my hair braided.

Hey, did anyone go to school pre-VHS days and remember the reel to reel movies? Do you remember how exciting it was when the teacher brought it a large movie tin and you just knew it was going to be a long movie? Do you remember how disappointing it was when she opened the round tin and took out a small reel? I always hated that!


B, if you loved standardized testing, you'd love school in 2007. It seems like that is all I do.


You crack me up with your love. I have never heard anyone love having their heads checked. Back in the day when they checked hair at my school they used the same comb. So YUCK to me. HA!

I LOVED the homecooked lunches with the amazing yeast rolls.

Have a great last day of summer. I still have a week left. :)


Sunny, you are right, the hot lunches used to be much better than what is served today in school lunches. In fact, I don't think much of the food served today is actually cooked in the cafeteria at all. I loved the candied carrots.


Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only weirdo who loved lice check! I loved it! I also loved getting new notebooks and pencils/pens and organizing everything. It all went downhill after about a week, but for a week, it was all neat and clean.


i had lice twice, so i was always nervous about the checks. also, the comb frizzed out my curly hair.

i loved new school clothes. i was a fashion hound.



I was the same. For a week I had the neatest notebook and all my supplies were in my bag. THen it fell apart a week later and my cubby and desk were a mess. Hmmm.. things haven't really changed.

Sorry about the lice, that definitely puts a different spin on the checks. I loved new clothes shopping too, that is until I grew 3 inches one summer and all my pants were high-waters.


My husband is the ultimate pen freak!


Oh I totally remember those crazy film reels. And yeah, I've heard that standardized testing has become a pain. Let me tell you, that plus rising ACT/SAT scores doesn't seem to have made my college students any smarter.

Ah new school clothes - what a shock it was when I no longer got a fully new wardrobe every year!


I loved the smell of the paste we had in elementary school. I don't think I ever actually ate any, but I was *so* tempted.

I also loved looking at manilla folders. Something about the shiny color made me oh-so-happy. Of course, I thought they were called "vanilla" folders, so maybe that was it.



Yes, every time I'm on a college campus I'm amazed at the students who got accepted.


It's not "vanilla"? : ) I loved that paste smell too.

Ms. G

Thanks for the laugh, Monica! I don't think I have ever heard of someone enjoying the lice check! For me, ahh...sweet school supplies. I still have to use self control to not buy more paper, notebooks, markers, and cool stuff like that!


I loved lice check too! So fun to have your hair played with. And I loved the reel to reel and getting to be AV monitor. I always liked hot lunch too. Gross but what can you say?


You crack me up girl...I can totally relate to loving the lice check. The only difference btwn us is that I would never have the nerve to admit it!!

I am glad that you feel that you are a "supporter" now. I've always known that you were! I have a feeling, knowing you, that you have been helping people for a long time even though you yourself have been grieving. You are just that kind of person. I love the way you have the guts to just say exactly how you feel. I am sure that the many people read your blog find your honesty in grieving refreshing. The way you express your feelings so eloquently and plainly probably helps give "words" to what they themselves have difficulty expressing. Girl, you rock!

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