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August 03, 2007



Okay- I'll send some good thoughts your way.

That's ridiculous about your doctor. I would hate that. I hope she does read the file now - and remember most of it. I have yet to encounter a doctor in my doctor's practice that doesn't know specifically who I am.

Yay for all the good measurements though!


Yeah, I guess we're lucky in that regard as well. Not only does Lori's doctor (and some of his staff for that matter), know who she is, but they also remember me as well. I was just thinking at our last visit that it was cool that he seemed to know Lori as if she had been coming to him for years. I'm thankful that he does seem to show genuine interest in her pregnancy and did with our last one as well.

I hope things go well for you though. We can't wait for Critter to make his/her debut!


Hey Monica,
I hope the doctor will check the chart more closely. Once, mine mixed up info from my pregnancies as well. They should have a clear way to separate in your file what's current info.

I've been thinking of you and checking your blog every once in a while. I thought about going to that same training you wrote about in an earlier post... it would have been fun to hang out with you and get paid too but I'm glad I missed the textbook sales pitch :).
Take care!!


Oh Nadia.. how nice it is to "hear" from you! Yes, ditto on separating pregnancies in the chart. Did you know that we are getting a 7/8 history and 7/8 science teacher? Apparently Medina got 3.5 additional teaching units and he's using two to lower science and history numbers..yea!! They actually did not pitch their product to us, so I was relieved. It wasn't really that bad and we got $150 X 3 days.. so we did pretty well. I can listen to 3 days of Mr. Cryer's TAKS training for that!! LOL!! Anyhoo, can't wait to see you and your lil' ones to see how big they have grown. See ya soon!

Ms. G

The doctor thing would bug the hell out of me. I don't have that issue now, but when Mr. G and I were thinking of trying again, we saw a few doctors who, obviously did not take one peek in my chart and I had to go over my pregnancy history several times. I hated it. The high risk ob/gyn I see now had not only read through my chart before I ever met her, when she walked into the room, I could where she had marked certain areas with post it notes, certain things she wanted to be sure to discuss with me. Ding, Ding, Ding! With that, she was the winning doctor, that lucky girl, now she gets to nurse me through nine months of anxiety!


Uggh.. I'm asking my doc. at the next visit if she could "review" my chart again so this doesn't happen again!!! Also, thanks for the positive thoughts, I passed them on and they worked!

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