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July 11, 2007


Ms. G

I love your thoughts about the sonagrapher. I am seeing both a high risk doctor and a high risk midwife. They need to find a balance for me. The midwife is a bit too happy for me, the doctor a bit too serious. Oh to be a normal pregnant woman again...


I am so happy to hear that you are happy! Hooray for good ultrasound experiences, too;)

slouching mom

Hey! That's wonderful news.


I'm so glad to hear that little Critter is thumping along...(When you said you named the little guy critter, all I can think about is thumper from Bambi for some reason, weird I know) I just can't wait for him to get here. I know he is gonna be such a cutie-pie. I still want to feel him kick, though. In fact,you might consider avoiding me from now until he gets here, because I am on a mission to feel him kick! ha

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