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July 02, 2007



Since I haven't had a sub-pregnancy yet, I can't speak from first person experience. However, there are definitely women out there who despise those of us who have had a baby die. These women want to continue to believe that nothing bad can happen to them. Most likely, nothing bad will happen to them. But they are so f-ed up that they somehow can't even muster the compassion for someone else. It is like the *bad luck* might be contagious. I'm glad you don't have to see her anymore.


Yes, that is exactly the way she made me feel.. like I was a leper and I shouldn't come too close to her.


Lawd girl, I'm scared . I hope I never incur the wrath of Monica. Anyway, that girl, whoever she is, is retarded. If she can't see how cool you are she is obviously blind or mentally incapacitated...and so not worth your time or energy.


I know perfectly well that this post wasn't directed at me in the least. I know that, in fact, you don't even know me. But sometimes, in my own special paranoid way, I feel like everyone *should* hate me. I mean, since G-d obviously does, wouldn't it make sense that everyone I know should as well?


Ha Niobe, I should have considered my audience. It's like I was giving a speech to claustrophobics in a broom closet. We all think that the world is out to get us and it's not like we don't have reasons to believe that!

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