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March 10, 2007



I was reading your story bc i recently went through the same thing this past september 8-11th. 2weeks before my 19th birthday. It was so difficult and i totally understand you. I to have pictures of when i held my baby Skyler and his little clothes they put on him for me to see him after delivery:(
Although it was the worst that could have ever happened to me, i believe that it happened for a reason. Now i'm really scared in getting pregnant. IBut i do desperately want a baby still... all because throughout my pregnancy i was setting my mind that i was going to be a mommy and have the best responsibility in taki9ng care of this precious little baby... But when it was suddenly taken away from me I as Lost It! and now want to get pregnant again ... but my Husband doesnt want to yet:(

How are you looking forward into further pregnancy's?

Im just really curious if its okay for me to have this desperate need of trying again. Have you thought about the same thing??


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